Frosted Varnish

Frosted varnish is a printing technique that produces a semi-transparent ink with uneven texture on a metallic glossy substrate, such as gold or silver metallic paper. After being cured by ultraviolet light (UV), it can produce an effect similar to that of a bright metal surface that has been etched or sandblasted. It has following features:


  • Clear etching effect
  • Full ink coverage
  • Strong three-dimensional sense
  • Can produce suede and matte effects
  • Delicate and stable sandblasting effect

The frosted printing ink produces a clear etching effect, with full ink coverage and strong three-dimensional sense. This effect enhances the high-end appearance of the packaged product. As a result, it has been widely used in the packaging and printing industries for cigarettes packaging, wine packaging, cosmetics packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and other printed products. It can also be used for printing greeting cards, calendars, nameplates, hang tags, advertisements, etc.


UV imitation etching printing ink can also produce suede and matte effects, making the printed product soft, solemn, elegant, and luxurious. It achieves an effect that conventional inks are unable to achieve, and has therefore been rapidly promoted and applied.


The frosted varnish effect gives people a sense of solidity and stability, and the surface texture is also very prominent. Therefore, it is often used in high-end color box packaging.